Chinese New Year

At Yarrow Heights, we celebrated Chinese New Year on February 1st 2022, by adapting some Chinese traditions.

Our lovely chef Janine cooked up a storm in the kitchen of Chinese style noodles, black bean sauce, a mixture of spring rolls, wontons, prawn crackers and prawn toast as well as a salad bar filled with beansprout salad and some creatively carved fruit and vegetables.



All our pupils wrote a nice note and these were placed in red envelopes. At lunch time whilst our pupils sat down to eat lunch, they were all handed one of the red envelopes to open. Below are some of our pupils filled with happiness after opening their note with the kind words that were written in them.

After we had eaten our meal, we were all given a fortune cookie to open. Everyone read their fortunes before heading off outside to play.


Lastly, in Art lessons this week, Chinese lanterns and hanging banners were designed and put on display in the hub for everyone to admire.