Hair and Beauty Enrichment

Within this Enrichment, pupils are given the opportunity to develop hair styling skills as well as many aspects of personal hygiene and beauty routines.
We plan according to the pupils’ interests and requests as well as in co-ordination with wider world themes and events. When the pupils enter our classroom, they are treated as if they are trainee therapists. We model the skills on mannequins and the pupils are encouraged to use these to practise. However, with parental consent, they are also welcome to try the skill on themselves and their fellow trainee peers/staff if they would like to.

Some of the areas which we have already explored are:

-Nail maintenance, shaping and safe practices
-Nail polish application
-French manicure techniques
-Different eyeliner styles
-Day and evening eye shadow application
-Mini facials and cleansing routines
-Foundation colour matching and application
-Thematic make up and face paint

-‘French’,‘Fishtale’ and basic style plaits -‘Tiktok’ trends
-Bridal/occasion hair styles
-Thematic and decade styles
-Using hair accessories into styles such as headbands, clips, hair pieces